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Have you dreamed of running a Marathon or improve your race times?   

Do you wish you could run effortlessly or just for the love of it?

Terri Biloski can help make your dreams come true and/or lower your best times!

Terri is an accomplished runner and has run many races, 1/2 and full Marathons including the Boston Marathon and completed extreme events such as a 100 mile run!

More importantly Terri has help hundreds of others compete in their first marathons and helped veteran runners improve their time.

Terri's unique running program will help you accomplish your dreams and meet your goals.

Group, semi private and private one-on-one training is available.

Featured Clinics

New Runner’s Clinic

All you need is a good pair of shoes and the desire to succeed.

This clinic is ideal for anyone wishing to learn to run or anyone wanting to get back into it safely 

3 day week for 12 weeks

We offer 3 different training packages starting for as little as a one time fee of $50

Online training is also available HERE

Trail Running Clinic

12 weeks of running the beautiful trails around Elgin County

Join for only $50

Stay tuned for more information!

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New!  By the hour Coaching Services

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Other Upcoming Clinics

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